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Every week we feature a fun and/or educational activity you can try at home or in the classroom. Teaching kids to live healthy, sustainable lives can be a challenge. On April 22, celebrate Earth Day 2013 with an eco-friendly meal and invite Mother Nature to dine with your family.

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How to Prepare an Earth Friendly Meal:

  1. Grow Your Own Food: If you don't have a green thumb, a few easy-to-grow herbs can help you make tasty treats like mint tea or rosemary bread.
  2. Visit a Farmer's Market: At your local market, you can find healthy, organic foods and also support local farmers.
  3. Shop Seasonal: If a farmer's market is unavailable, explore the option of visiting a local farm to pick your own produce. During the trip, explain the planting and harvesting process to your kids.
  4. Reduce Packaging Waste: Foods packaged in plastic and boxes use a lot the Earth's resources. Start with a simple switch and make your own bread. gives healthy, fast tips for fresh bread.
  5. Use Cloth Napkins: You can turn this step into a project all its own. White cotton napkins, or faded colored napkins, can be naturally dyed using tea. By upcycling old items, excess waste is reduced and creative expression flourishes.
  6. Create a Centerpiece: Pick up extra fruit and colorful vegetables at the farmer's market to make a "green" centerpiece for your table; you can always eat it later. Rather have flowers? Keep an eye out for wild flowers growing on the roadside or make a bouquet from backyard trimmings.

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Chelsey McNiel