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If your youngster is bored on spring break, here’s a fun activity you can tackle.Heifer International has a new coloring sheetfeaturing a drawing of a real Heifer cow.

Kids candecorate this coloring sheet any way they wish – with markers, glitter, paint,or even found materials.
The sheet wasproduced in conjunction with the “Design for a Cause” exhibit at Heifer Villageat our headquarters campus in Little Rock.The exhibit features the art and graphic design work of Heifer and threeother nonprofits.
If you’veever received one of Heifer’s gorgeous honor cards as a gift, you know that Heiferemployees do amazing design work, even on a tight nonprofit budget. If you’rein the Little Rock area, feel free to drop by the exhibit between March 21 andApril 9.
Meanwhile, letyour children’s imaginations go wild. A magenta cow? Turquoise? Why not!


Kelly MacNeil