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Ganga Ale, 41 is an active member of a Heifer project in Tanahu, Nepal. She received 5 goats from Heifer along with training on Heifer's Cornerstones, group management, improved animal management, gender and commercial vegetable production. Ganga was specially touched by the Cornerstones. Her confidence increased after the training, having found a new sense of purpose.

Ganga is one of the few fortunate women in this rural community to have had the opportunity to go to school. She has completed the 8th grade, making her the most educated women in the group and perhaps in the community. "I felt like I had a greater responsibility towards my group members and the village. I have education as a tool to help them excel," says Ganga explaining her sense of purpose. She has been very active in her community speaking for women and for small farmers. She hopes to do more in the future.

Ganga's daughter, Yamuna (18), says, "I am proud of my mother. She is very active socially." Ganga's husband Kesh Bahadur, 42, also supports Ganga's new purpose in life. "She has always fulfilled her responsibility towards her family. I encourage her to do the same for her community."

Editor's note: This post is part of a new series that follows the progress of specific families, starting at the beginning of their work with Heifer. Initially, this series will focus on our programs in Asia/South Pacific, where our colleagues have chosen one family in each region in the countries where we work and will bring us quarterly updates.


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