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Know a group of kids who’d like to get involved with Heifer? We have some exciting news about Heifer’s classic Read to Feed program.

Read to Feed now has a revamped website, with features that make it extra-simple and enjoyable to participate in this reading incentive program. Teachers will find it easier than ever to customize their class’s project and share their students’ progress with the whole community.

Read to Feed involves classrooms in helping to end hunger and poverty around the world, while fostering a love of reading. Now educators can set up a class reading and fundraising goal and use Facebook, Twitter and email to encourage their friends, family and neighbors to get involved.

Read to Feed challenges children to use their own reading efforts to help buy Heifer International animals for other needy kids. Kids love to work toward this goal, because it’s a purpose that makes sense to them. Hunger is a clear injustice, and children want to be part of the solution.

The free Read to Feed kit is full of materials to make the project come to life. At the end of the program, the group pools its challenge funds and decides which animals to donate through Heifer International, to help other families move into self-reliance.

Education World called the website “light and fun,” saying, “For classes that want to improve student reading ability while helping families in need, Read to Feed is the place to go."

Classes can add pictures, goals and achievements to the class page and use a fundraising thermometer to help keep track of all the progress. Teachers looking for new ways to inspire their classes can visit or, to order the Read to Feed kit, email or call 877-275-READ (7323).


Kelly MacNeil