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In a recent blog post, Megan Bean, age 11, of the Big Moo Canoe fundraising family, shared with us her plans for climbing 14,000-footers Mount Grays and Mount Torreys in Colorado this year to raise money for Heifer's Haiti REACH program.

"I had heard a lot about Haiti's disaster, and I hope my project will help small towns there where aid is less often sent get back to maybe a little better than normal," she said. "I've wanted to do a 14-er for awhile. I really love camping and hiking, and I had heard lots of stories from my parents climbing mountains and wanted to make my own project."

She just announced on her Big Moo Canoe Facebook page that she will be making the trek this weekend, on Saturday, Sept. 15! So please join us in wishing her well and propelling her up those mountains with lots of donations for those in need in Haiti. Please go to her home page today to donate.


Donna Stokes

Donna Stokes is the managing editor of World Ark magazine. She has worked for Heifer International since September 2008 when she leaped over to the nonprofit world from a two-decade career in newspaper journalism.