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Story by Karine Matevosova | Program Coordinator | Heifer Armenia
Translated by Emma Sargsyan | Media Coordinator | Heifer Armenia

Vahan Hambardzumyan and Arsen Harutyunyan planted apple seeds last year, and they are beginning to see the results of their efforts — the trees are bearing fruit.

The teenagers are studying ecology through Heifer YES! Youth Club in their village. They live in the Vayots Dzor region, one of the most picturesque places in Armenia and the home of numerous caves. These students know this and are very proud of the Areni village.

When I asked Arsen and Vahan whether they had tasted the apples, Arsen answered, “No, not yet, but I am pretty sure that they are extremely tasty.”

Along with the seedlings, the youth received Californian worms last year. The worms are thriving; the two youngsters are taking good care of them. The worms came with the seedlings because they produce biohumus, which the teenagers will need when it is time to fertilize the apple trees.

Heifer Armenia has been actively involved in the community for more than a decade. With Heifer’s support, many families have received agricultural assistance. The YES! Youth Club has supported the community’s youth since 2006. Arsen and Vahan are just two of the many people benefiting from its activities. The club already has a network of alumni who are ready to help and interact with current club members.

These students’ accomplishments are not limited to taking care of the trees and the Californian worms. In addition to being excellent students, they are enthusiastic club members. They always participate in exchange visits organized by the club and sometimes initiate events and activities themselves.

This summer, the two teenagers and their peers from the village participated in the Lake Sevan clean-up campaign. Around 70 youth from various Heifer clubs worked hard and thoroughly cleaned litter from around the lake. They all returned home very happy and pleased, knowing that they helped keep the environment clean.

We are really happy and proud to have so many hard-working and gifted students in our clubs. These are the kind of results we are constantly striving for. It gives us a lot of joy to see that our work yields good results. Well done, guys. We appreciate your talent and diligence!


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