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Story and photos by Pan Sheng | Xinjiang Regional Manager | Heifer China

More than 110 families attended a Heifer China Project Community’s event in Kashgar, where they joined in an array of activities for parents and children July 13, 2012. The social work station of Shenzhen, Heifer China’s strategic partner, hosted the event at a primary school with the support of local farmers and the government.

Heifer’s Kashgar project, a social program, strives to help Xinjiang through the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau. The Shenzhen social work station provided part of the project funding and carried out a variety of social work services in the project communities while studying rural social work practices. Through cooperation, the project not only provided materials to project participants, but also met farmers’ spiritual needs, promoting community harmony. The social work station carried out a series of programs, which included helping community members with disabilities and offering women's health education, as well as organizing summer parent-child activities in the village. Through these activities, local farmers enhanced the harmony and sense of ownership of local communities and requested to hold similar events in the future.


Heifer International

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