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Photos courtesy of Heifer International.

Hundreds of animals and thousands of dollars in crops are among the losses to suffered by Heifer International project participants in Haiti after Tropical Storm Sandy passed near the island nation late last week. Hurricane Sandy, which is now a Category 1 hurricane slamming into the East Coast of the United States, has caused 51 deaths in Haiti, mainly due to flooding after heavy rains.

Hurricane Sandy in Haiti

Heifer International’s Haiti country staff continue to assess damage to projects after several days of steady rain. Heifer Haiti Country Director Hervil Cherubin reports that 611 animals have been killed or are unaccounted for following the storm, including 361 goats, 183 fowl, and 91 sheep. In addition, project participants suffered $435,972 in crop damage and the loss of one fishing boat. Some 289 homes in project communities have been damaged, and 42 houses destroyed. “It has been four or five days since we saw the sun,” said Cherubin. “Better days are in front of us.”

Rivers in Haiti remain out of their banks, and many roads are still impassable, with the southern part of the country most severely affected. Heifer Haiti staff will continue to provide updated assessments and recommendations for response. Go here to get a general overview of Tropical Storm Sandy's effects on Haiti.

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Brooke Edwards

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