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Story by Heifer Rwanda

Mukarugenera Alivera is a small-scale farmer in Rwezamenyo village, Kibumbwe Sector, Nyamagabe District in Rwanda. She is a widow and has less than one hectare of land for cultivation. She used to be a worried farmer living in grass-thatched house (Nyakatsi) and was unable to meet her family’s needs.

A transformation happened in her life when she was selected by Heifer to receive a cow. After she received the cow, she obtained quality fodder seeds and medicine to maintain the cow’s health. A project veterinarian also performs a regular check-up on her cow.

Alivera is now able to get a larger harvest from her agricultural land and grows vegetables in her kitchen garden using manure and urine. She has a good reputation in the area because of the high-quality care she gives the cow, including keeping the cowshed very clean. She now teaches other project participants.

“I got the knowledge from Heifer, I’m happy to pass it on to my fellow farmers,” said Alvera. “I can’t wait seeing myself becoming a donor.”

Passing on the Gift turns a recipient into a donor. It completes the life-changing cycle that began with a generous gift like yours.

You can start this cycle again today by reaching out with another Heifer gift this year. 2013 can be the year you help move another family from poverty to self reliance. And with Heifer’s model at work, you can know your gift is accomplishing true transformation.


Heifer International

Heifer International is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization working with communities to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth.