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Story by Song Zhenming | Enterprise Resource Planning Officer | Heifer China
Photos by Zhao Wenting | Project Partner Staff Member

During a recent Passing on the Gift® ceremony, 23 original project participants passed the gift of cash, RMB 63,342 Yuan ( around $10,170) to another 23 families in Bo Fo Village, China, on Oct. 26, 2012. The funds will help each family that received the gift promote their pig-rearing businesses and improve their livestock technology.

Gao Shanggui, an original project participant, said, “With the RMB 5,000 Yuan (around $800), gift fund, I bought four sows. They already gave birth to 12 groups of piglets. My net profit is around RMB 50,000 Yuan ( around $8,000). Heifer really lifted me out of poverty. I’ve had my gift fund ready for a long time. I have been looking forward to today to pass the love to another family.”

Bo Fo Village is located in a remote area with poor transportation. After an earthquake, the infrastructure and houses were seriously damaged. This area has suffered from poverty and natural disasters. With the support of Heifer China through the past two years, project participants developed their pig-rearing industry. The average income increase for the first 23 families is RMB 2,000 Yuan ( around $320). They are now on the path toward a prosperous future.



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