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Story by Magdalena Wos | Resource Development Officer | Heifer South Africa
Photo by Yolisa Sitela
| Community Development Coordinator | Heifer South Africa

Mzwandile Yeko and his family have benefited greatly from Heifer’s Ikhwezi Langomso Project in South Africa. His family is better nourished, and he has become a successful, independent smallholder farmer.

Mzwandile, who lives close to King William’s Town in the Eastern Cape Province, received training on many topics, including cattle management and vegetable production. After this training and the gift of a cow, he created his own vegetable garden with maize, potato, onion, cabbage, spinach and green pepper. Becoming a farmer required a lot of work and commitment, but Mzwandile soon noticed how he and his family could benefit from agriculture.

“[The] health of our children and grandchildren has improved because of gaining high protein and vitamins from milk and vegetables,” Mzwandile said.

With a few years of ongoing support from Heifer staff, project farmers had an opportunity to improve their farming skills and create their small farming businesses. In July 2012, after working together for several years, Heifer South Africa exited the project. All project members, including Mzwandile, took ownership of their farming activities and continue their hard work as farmers on their own. 


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