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To own a business, you need relevant knowledge, a project, responsibility and the initiative to start. Heifer International is providing business training to more than 200 members of 20 YES! Youth Clubs in rural Armenian communities.

This training encourages an entrepreneurial spirit, setting the participants up for a prosperous future. As a result of the knowledge gained during the business classes, about 190 participants between 12 and 17 have started their own small businesses in their communities. The youth have developed business plans taking into account the geographic conditions and climate specifics of the region where they live. The club members have thoroughly researched the local market and have developed business plans offering different elements of marketing such as business segmentation, advertising, flexible price policy and encouragement of loyal customers.

The businesses run by the youth include rabbit, chicken, goose, pig, sheep and goat farms. They also cultivate and sell beans, potatoes, garlic, onion, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and grapes. The most popular businesses are beekeeping and pig, sheep, rabbit and chicken farming.

Aghvan from Djadjur has established a pastry production business. Due to Aghvan’s marketing policy, he became more competitive than two other girls running the same business in their community.

One of the best businesses is run by Zhenya from Nalbandyan community. She grows beans with the help of her father.

Some others are engaged in growing flowers and berries, making handcrafts and providing computer services.

All the youth involved in the project are very enthusiastic about the businesses that they run. Though at the beginning they were confused, because they didn’t have any experience, their interest in business, sense of responsibility and readiness to act helped them to make the first steps. Now they can see results from their hard work and feel proud of their accomplishments. Participating youth not only acquire business skills, but also develop a sense of responsibility and dignity by Passing on the Gift©.

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