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Four villages in Weichang County, Hebei Province of China will benefit from increased food security and farm income thanks to a partnership between Heifer International and Elanco.

The partnership was celebrated on May 3 as six cows were presented in a handover ceremony in Yan’gebo Township.  More than 1,000 families in Weichang County will receive animals through direct placement or Passing on the Gift as part of the umbrella project.

“Thank you for allowing us to be here and make the dream possible with Heifer International,” Jeff Simmons, Elanco president, said. “This project with Heifer is part of our vision to impact over 300,000 families around the world. Looking in your faces inspires me even more.”

The Weichang project will increase average family income from 1400 yuan to 2800 yuan within three years. Since project approval in November, 19 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) have formed for holistic community development training, with four groups already pooling funds for community investment. Nine SHGs have received cows.

“Every time I visit a Heifer project, I am very touched by the smiles on faces. The children coming out just makes all of us want to work harder for you,” Bob Bloom, Heifer Chief Financial Officer, said. “Every day we go to work thinking of your faces as we go back to our homes.

“Our hope is that with the small gift of an animal, your lives will be changed, and in turn, you will pass on that gift and change someone else’s life.”

Calligraphy greeting

After the handover ceremony, Heifer and Elanco officials received beautiful banners with inspirational messages written in calligraphy:

“Cows will spread the love to all the world to lift people out of poverty. Thanks for your help.”


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