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When you give a Heifer International gift to a loved one, you count on being able to present them with a lovely honor card to show them how the gift in their name is improving lives. You’ve probably never imagined, though, how those cards are lovingly crafted to embody Heifer’s mission.

Heifer International doesn’t contract with an outside firm to create all its well-known cards, magazines and posters. We have our own dedicated staff who combine illustration, photography, words and other elements to make amazing pieces. And they’re all on display in a new exhibit at Heifer Village on our main campus in downtown Little Rock.

Design for a Cause combines the graphic design work of several area nonprofits including Heifer International. Nonprofits walk a fine line in creating communications pieces that are high quality without appearing extravagant, to assure that funds are being used wisely.

Heifer International, as a completely donor-funded organization, strives to create top-notch design that doesn't look expensive or wasteful. Paper stocks, for example, are chosen for their eco-friendly qualities and non-shiny surfaces.


Both kids and adults will enjoy seeing that all those grade-school art classes can really lead to a career doing creative and meaningful visual work. If you’re in the Little Rock area, come see Design for a Cause from now until April 9, Mon-Sat. 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.


Kelly MacNeil