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So tomorrow, I am flying off to Bihar, a north-eastern Indian State which borders Nepal. I am beyond excited, as this will be my first field visit with Heifer India. I have worked in the Delhi-based office for 2 weeks, learned about headquarters operations, and read many case studies in preparation.

None of those things can replace the actual experience of meeting the individuals, families, and communities involved in these projects. I conducted some quick interviews with a few of the Heifer staff members to get an idea of what to expect from the upcoming experience. If what is going on in these communities is even just half as amazing as what these three describe, I will most definitely be "swept off my feet", like Vineeta exclaims- I can't wait!

Program Coordinator, R.Prabaharan:

R.Prabaharan from Maggie Carroll on Vimeo.

Training Officer, Abhinav Gaurav:

Abhinav Gaurav from Maggie Carroll on Vimeo.

Assistant to Country Director/Admin Officer, Vineeta Sharma: 

Vineeta Sharma from Maggie Carroll on Vimeo.


Maggie Carroll