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“We have received and we have to continue giving to support other families. We want other children to improve like our children have.”

--Mr. Anastacio Manayay Calderón


“Due to the trainings now women get together and participate with the men, even women can work together to plan and organize activities. We didn’t know anything about gender equity, but now we realize we have value.”

-- Mrs. Nicolasa Reyes Vilcabana



“Thanks to our trainings we are working as a whole and not individuals.”

--Mrs. Marcelina Huamán Quispe






Falguni Vyas

Falguni (sounds like "balcony") Vyas is from Atlanta, Georgia and began working with Heifer International in Little Rock as a copywriter in 2011. She received her master's degree at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy and her bachelor's degree at Franklin College Switzerland in Lugano, Switzerland. She does not like writing about herself in the third person.