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Once a week we will be featuring a fun and/or educational activity you can try at home or in the classroom. Today's is a different sort of activity that anyone can do, and very fitting as we observe United Nationals Public Service Day today, June 23.

According to the UN website, UN Public Service Day celebrates "the value and virtue of public service to the community; highlight the contribution of public service in the development process; recognize the work of public servants, and encourage young people to pursue careers in the public sector."

We can celebrate in our own way by giving back in seemingly small ways that can add up to have huge impacts (much like a gift from Heifer can impact entire communities). Pick up some garbage along the road. Help your neighbor with yard work. Hold the door pen for someone else. Read to a child, or to the elderly. Return a shopping cart. Call someone you haven't talked to in a while. Help someone load their groceries.

After you have done your "service project" let us know how it went. Imagine if everyone spent the day, or even an hour, doing service for another. What kind of a difference do you think you made? What kind of a difference do you think we all could make?

Read more about how Heifer's Cornerstone, Passing on the Gift and see how one act of kindness can multiply for generations.


Linda Meyers

Linda Meyers, an Arkansas transplant originally from St. Louis, Mo., started working at Heifer International in 2011. She enjoys dragging her three children on nature hikes and snapping photos of them and everything around her. She has a bachelor’s degree in English has been “in the process” of writing the great American novel for 24 years.