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A historic distribution of farm animals is happening right now in Senegal, over the course of severalmonths. It may be the largest animaldistribution in Heifer International’s 68-year history.

This remarkable video shows you some of the faces and voices of the people who will gain new independence with these animal gifts.

The distributionof sheep, goats and chickens will reach 5,500 families, and is part of a $40million new USAID Feed the Future project. The Yaajeende Agricultural Development Program comprises aconsortium of five organizations, including Heifer. Yaajeendemeans“abundance” or “prosperity” in the local Pulaar language, and reflects thegoals of the project: to improve the nutrition and income of one million individualsacross 60 regional communities.

FrancisBouba, Heifer Senegal country director, says it makes sense for various organizations with different expertise to join together in order to help many more families. "In terms of livestock, Heifer isthe lead in Senegal, which is why we were selected for this high-profile project."

Heiferestimates that the increased economic activity resulting from the project willdouble the household incomes of farmer participants, which in turnwill substantially reduce the number of underweight children.

This projectis at the front edge of ambitious efforts by Heifer International to scale upits work fighting hunger and poverty across the globe. By the end of thefive-year Yaajeende project, in addition to thefirst families receiving animals and training from Heifer, thousands morewill benefit when those families Pass on the Gift of their livestock’soffspring.


Kelly MacNeil