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OK, sorta. It's not the Top Ten List, but we have made the "Letterman Screen" in Times Square, NYC (also known as the CBS Super Screen) and will appear on video screens at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis during the Super Bowl.

For the Letterman board, between midnight, January 16 and March 31, Heifer's 15-second animated video spot will be shown 1,368 times at one of the busiest and most famous crossroads in America.

A CBS staffer who donates to Heifer shared some Heifer materials with the media director of CBS Electronics (who had never heard of us, but loved us and our work after she read up on us). When one of their clients had to change their media plans at the last minute, CBS had some highly sought-after space they were willing to share with us. The spot is estimated to be seen by 1.5 million people every day. Whoa.

Just yesterday, we got an offer from another media outlet who handles on-site media for the Super Bowl at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. They want to let Heifer run a short video spot on screens around the stadium for 15 hours surrounding the big game this Sunday. We were able to adapt the spot from the Letterman board to the Super Bowl requirements, so we didn't have to create new materials. As you watch pre-game coverage, look for our spot to play eight times per hour. The media company estimates we'll get about a million media impressions from people actually at the location. That doesn't even include the multi-millions at home who may see the screen during television coverage.

Coming from an advertising agency background (where clients pay big bucks to get their message in the public eye), I'm always amazed and impressed at how fortunate we are that there are people in the media business who badly want to help us advance our mission.

Oh, and if you're in NYC between now and March 31 (or if you're lucky enough to have tickets to the Super Bowl), snap a quick photo and tweet it to us (@heifer) or share it on our Facebook page.


Bill Fitzgerald