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Story by John Allen | Communication Volunteer | Heifer South Africa
Photos by Yolisa Sitela

Nosipho Ntanjana lives with her husband Sonwabile Ntanjana, their 13-year-old twin sons Sanele and Sandiso, and Nosipho’s brother Sonwabiso in Horeni village in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Both unemployed, Nosipho and Sonwabile have struggled for many years to support their sons on the limited child support grant they receive every month. While Sonwabile was able to supplement the grant with various part-time jobs, it was still not enough to ensure a stable future. Since joining the Siphenathi Project at the beginning of 2012, Nosipho has acquired skills and knowledge to provide a better future for herself and her family.

In April 2012, Nosipho’s family received several chickens and seedlings. Nosipho and Sonwabile participated in trainings that taught them how to properly care for their livestock and farm their vegetables. Since receiving training, Nosipho has been able to grow nutritious vegetables and collect a number of eggs from her chickens. These eggs and vegetables have enriched the entire family’s diet with protein, vitamins and minerals. This healthy diet has been particularly important for her two growing boys.

Nosipho has been able to pass the skills and knowledge she has learned from Heifer on to her entire family, including her two sons, who now help her look after the chickens and vegetable garden after school. Nosipho and her sons have made great progress with their vegetable garden and, in one month, they were able to earn R1500, or about $170, from vegetable sales.

Overjoyed by her success, Nosipho said, “Heifer is like a parent to me, the fact that I am self-employed has brought hope and a better future for my family. I am going to use all the knowledge and skills that Heifer has provided me to build a better life for my family; I am very grateful to Heifer.”

When he grows up, Nosipho’s son, Sanele, would like to be an electrician, while Sandiso would like to become a math teacher. Nosipho’s sons will be able to continue to farm their own vegetables and livestock regardless of their future professions, thanks to the training from their mother, which will continue to help their family for generations to come.

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