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As one of the most popular pets in America, rabbits fill many roles here—pet, cartoon character, Easter egg porter.

But for many families rabbits are more than just cute animals; they create a vital source of income.

Rabbits Make a Great Gift

The small animals rely on simple foods, such as grass and vegetables, to eat, and they do not require large areas of land to thrive. Moreover, the manure they produce fertilizes the land and enhances its productivity, a hugely valuable asset for a smallholder farmer.

These sturdy animals reproduce swiftly; they can have six litters of four to 12 babies, or kits, each year. Additionally, the offspring mature quickly, which means Heifer participants can Pass on the Gift in a few months, compared to the year or two it takes to share the offspring of a larger animal, such as a cow.

A gift of a rabbit transforms a family’s life, providing extra income for to buy more and better food, access health care and pay children’s school fees.

Anthonio Louis Fritznel organized a group of peers to raise rabbits to improve the La Sucrerie community in southern Haiti. Watch this video and see the impact rabbits can make on a community.

This holiday season, consider giving a trio of rabbits to help more people like Anthonio.

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Lauren Bucher