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On the 4th and 5th of December 2012, London will awake to a realization that women are central to solving the problems of the developing world. The Trust Women Conference will highlight the potential and achievement of women around the world in solving the day to day problems that their communities face. The headlining themes are:

  • Rewriting the rules: Embedding women’s rights in constitutions
  • Female genital mutilation: Challenging ‘culture’ to stop the cutting
  • The modern day slave trade
  • Child marriage: Forced marriage
  • How to put the trafficking business out of business?
  • Women and finance: The high cost of exclusion

Influential speakers will highlight issues and experience with the aim to drive innovation and partnerships by connecting legal expertise with the financial, technological and educational resources that enable women to exercise their rights.

Heifer trusts women

Today’s world problems ranging from food insecurity, malnutrition, lack of education, health and finance are all in one way or the other connected to the state of women and the lack of their participation and/or recognition thereof.

Heifer’s work in more than 40 countries around the world involves many women smallholder farmers. Its gift of livestock and training allow these women to incrementally increase their potential to provide for their families and strengthen their stance in their cultures and communities, making them less vulnerable to the tribulations that exist. Our scaled up approach now focuses not only on increasing production to alleviate poverty and hunger around the world but will also build their capacities to become active proponents of value chains and access markets directly contributing long term sustainable economies susceptible to most social, economic and natural disasters. Women in such positions are better able to promote and ensure women’s rights.

Heifer hopes that this conference will lead to a better understanding of global poverty, hunger and environmental issues, the connection to women's rights and how women can play an active part in mitigating these concerns.

Follow along with the Trust Women conference live.


Puja Singh