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It's the time of year when many of us are scrambling to find the right Christmas presents. (It's eighteen days away, but who's counting?)

You can make Christmas shopping more fun, though, with our new online experience, called “Heifer International’s Christmas Wish List.” It lets you and your family explore the joy and the meaning behind gifts of animals and other resources to families in need.

Christmas Presents from Heifer

The Wish List has videos, photos from the field, fun facts and an interactive storybook for kids. It's a great reminder that the spirit of the season is one of brotherhood, hope and generosity. Giving a Heifer International animal as a Christmas present is a truly meaningful way to honor your loved ones, since every gift helps families in poverty and hunger by providing nutrition and income-generating products.Heifer International Christmas storybook

Heifer’s Christmas Wish List is your shortcut to gift ideas that have transformative benefits for the people who receive them. You can watch a delightful “sheep's-eye-view” video to learn about the benefits of donating a sheep, or find a special Christmas recipe from the Philippines that reinforces the importance of nutrition. You can also see the impact of Heifer International’s work with women in India, where wives are getting help with housework from their husbands for the first time.


Kelly MacNeil