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This translated article from Honduras' Tiempo newspaper tells the story of residents of the municipalities of San Sebastian and San Manuel Colohete who recently received the first delivery of livestock through a Heifer Honduras project.

Story by Ramon RojasStaff WriterTiempo Newspaper

Habitants of the municipalities of San Sebastian and San Manuel Colohete with scarce economic resources were the beneficiaries of a first delivery of bovine resources sponsored by Heifer International of Honduras and a counterpart of both municipalities.

The program, Strengthening Productive Systems and Improving Basic Conditions for the Lenca Indigenous Population in Western Honduras, is fundamentally oriented toward Lenca women and the poorest families in various municipalities of the department of Lempira.

An average of 14 families of the two municipalities received heifers that were part of the project of “Passing on the Gift,” which seeks to improve the quality of life for the most impoverished, who were selected by the organization through a process of identification between the municipalities and the organization Heifer International of Honduras.

Additionally, the project includes within its principal objectives the improvement of child nutrition (children under 5) through the incorporation of sustainable production systems such as family gardens, demonstration plots, soil conservation practices and delivery of animal resources like what happened yesterday.

Juan Carlos Pascual, mayor of San Sebastian, explained that there is an agreement for the organization to support the municipality for four years. “It will be beneficial not only for the beneficiaries, but also for all of the residents of the zone who can receive many birds or livestock through the Passing on the Gift project,” Pascual said. Finally, he said that beneficiaries were chosen without distinction of any kind because poverty has no political color, creed or race.

Luis Núñez, an engineer and coordinator of the project for the western zone, reported that the delivered livestock is a cross between Brahman and Pardo and has the advantage of acclimating relatively easily to the environment of these municipalities.

The delivery of the resources to the families was carried out under the supervision of the Commissioner of Transparency of San Sebastian Hector David Perdomo, who attested for the drawing that was held for each animal to the beneficiary families. Each cow has a commercial value of 20,000 lempiras, or about $1,000, and are mostly in a state of pregnancy.

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