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While you are out surfing cyberspace, please check out's new section: "From the Field." Click the friendly goat for stories about the amazing work Heifer does around the world every single day.

This "From the Field" blog post is the first of a weekly round-up of the latest stories shared in the "From the Field" section of
Learn how the next generation is working in Armenia to make sure the Earth is a healthy and happy place to live in Armenian Youth Care for the Earth. Find out how the simple gift of a sow in Georgia made the biggest difference in Pigs Mean Financial Relief for the Gabunia Family. Finally, Heifer Vietnam takes the opportunity during a regularly scheduled project partner meeting to celebrate Heifer's 25 years of work in Vietnam with a special video that really takes you back.


Erin Snow

Erin Snow joined Heifer International in 2007 after earning a degree in Mass Communication from UALR. She lives in Little Rock with her husband and daughter. Passionate about cultivating positive and healthy relationships with her family, friends and the planet, Erin enjoys yoga, meditation, music, creative writing and travel.