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Arkansas Chuggabugs at Mongol Rally finish lineThe Arkansas Chuggabugs have reached Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


This typically would be enough of an accomplishment for anyone -- Mongolia not really being on the way to anywhere.


But it’s especially amazing because the Chuggabugs, a group of crazy young Arkansans, traveled from London to central Mongolia in a tiny secondhand car dubbed “The Wiz,” camping outside most nights and using only paper maps rather than GPS.


AND they raised a bunch of money for Heifer. 

Arkansas Chuggabugs Mongol Rally team

The team was participating in the Mongol Rally. The distance they traveled is roughly a third of the way across the globe, and the crew did it in less than six weeks.

Arkansas Chuggabugs fix brakes in Mongol Rally

The Chuggabugs dealt with rainy campsites, worn brakes, corrupt Romanian policemen, tardy ferries, and a broken clutch.  And they made it look like a lot of fun!

Chuggabugs go to Mongolia for Heifer

“I went in expecting an adventure and came out more than fulfilled," team member Mike Buckner said. “I got adventure and got to sightsee while at the same time meeting some of the most fascinating people, both as part of the Mongol Rally and outside of it.”

Chuggabugs get a tow in Kazakhstan

We've seen people do all kinds of things to raise money for Heifer International, but this is definitely one of the most extreme. Cheers to the Chuggabugs for seeking out such amazing places and experiences!


Kelly MacNeil