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Durga Koirala has been very busy in the past 3 months. She received a buffalo from Heifer and only had oxen for draft power. The income from selling buffalo’s milk this quarter helped pay the school tuition for her two sons Sushil (17) and Sudip (16). Durga’s husband is very impressed with the things she has learned from the project. He is so impressed with the group fund that the members have started and how the members of Durga’s group have been using small loans from it to invest in income generating activities, that he too formed a men’s group with his friends and started a group savings of his own. “It has been difficult to get funds when we need them. I didn’t realize that saving a few rupees every month would solve the problem,” Padam said.

Durga’s sons have been pretty busy too. Sushil and Sudip have formed a youth group. Their plan is to engage the youth in the community in creative and community building activities. Durga seems to have communicated the essence of the trainings she received through the project very well to her family.

Editor’s note: This post is part of a series that follows the progress of specific families, starting at the beginning of their work with Heifer. Initially, this series will focus on our programs in Asia/South Pacific, where our colleagues have chosen one family in each region in the countries where we work and will bring us quarterly updates.


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