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Maya Rani Thau is landless. She and her husband, Gopi work day and night on a small piece of leased land for half the land’s yield. She received two goats from Heifer and trainings that taught her to get the maximum benefit out of the land and animals. Her dream is for her three sons to go to college and get reputed jobs.

There is good news Maya Rani wants to share. They bought a pair of oxen with the profit from the goats and a small loan from the group fund. Now ploughing the land will not be so hard. The oxen will also produce manure that will be used to fertilize. She hopes that the next crop will be profitable enough to lease some more land.

Her husband, who used  to be an alcoholic, is now better. He helps her out a lot with the animals and the farm. Maya feels she is step closer to the life she dreams for her sons.


Heifer Nepal