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We all want to give as much as we can, but many times incomes and budgets won't allow for it. If that's the case then check out these ways you can give without spending.

Free Rice is an online educational game which is run by the United Nations World Food Programme that works to provide free education to everyone and works to help end world hunger by providing rice to those in need. To play the game, visit Free Rice and choose your subject. Whether you're into learning a new language or working on your Geography, you can learn AND help end world hunger. 

For every person who takes this short quiz sponsored by the World Food Programme on the drought in the Horn of Africa, a child will receive a warm meal. Test your knowledge, then challenge your friends!

You can help end hunger and help donate to Heifer by just using the search engine tool, GoodSearch. To get started, visit Good Search, type in the name of the organization you want to support and GoodSearch will donate 50% of its advertising revenue to the charity of your choice. You can even download their toolbar to making searching through GoodSearch that much easier.

Help struggling families around the world find new beginnings by lending your time and talents. As a volunteer of Heifer, you can help share our mission and story, educating the public about hunger and poverty and generating financial support for our programs around the world.

Take Action
Just becoming aware of the topics you're interested in can create a discussion and awareness in your inner circles whether at work or in a socially. Begin by talking about the events of hunger and poverty and what you've learned and you'll be amazed of how word-of-mouth can spread into others beginning to take action as well. 
Don't wait. Give today.


Maegan Clark

Maegan Clark loves social media even more than Southern sweet tea. She is the Social Media Manager at Heifer International where she uses her skills digital marketing to improve the lives of those in need around the globe. Since working at Heifer, she has deepened her appreciation for the urgency with which we must end global hunger and poverty.