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Name: Clementine Lah

Title: Administrator/Human Resource Officer

Location: Bamenda, Cameroon, West Africa

Hobbies: Singing, sewing and volunteering at church

How long have you worked for Heifer? 15 years in February

What attracted you to work for Heifer? Prior to working for Heifer, I did volunteer work for a law firm. I had friends who worked for Heifer who told me about it and they encouraged me to apply.

What has been the most memorable experience you have had while working for Heifer? The exchange visit between the survivors of the 1986 Lake Nyos explosion in Cameroon and the survivors of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing in the U.S. 

What is the best thing about working for Heifer Cameroon? Talking with the farmers and solving problems for staff. When I worked at the front desk, I enjoyed talking with farmers very much. I still see them some, but my role now has moved to helping staff solve problems, something I really enjoy doing.


Maegan Clark

Maegan Clark loves social media even more than Southern sweet tea. She is the Social Media Manager at Heifer International where she uses her skills digital marketing to improve the lives of those in need around the globe. Since working at Heifer, she has deepened her appreciation for the urgency with which we must end global hunger and poverty.