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This October, we're hosting a series of posts by Heifer Senior Coordinator of School Programs Kim Machnik. You can read our introductory post here, and check back Monday afternoons for more.

Haveyou been hearing a lot about food recently? I don’t just mean here on theHeifer blog, where we’ve been highlighting food issues and resources throughoutthe month. It used to be that most food conversations ran along a fewconsistent lines: great recipes or restaurants, what to eat to lose weight, andoccasionally the plight of those without enough to eat. Recently, though, thereseems to have been a shift in the collective consciousness. Suddenly, peopleseem to be talking a LOT more about where food comes from, who grows it, whatit does to our bodies, and our right to healthy, safe foods. A movement isafoot, populated by the likes of MichaelPollan, AliceWaters, Anna Lappé,and many more.

Communitiesare declaring food sovereignty, Wal-Mart is participating in UC Berkeley’sEdible Education class, Heifer has launched the Seeds of Changeinitiative to reinvent the food systems of the Arkansas Delta and SouthernAppalachia, and there is a huge push to require labelingof genetically modified foods. People are asking big questions. Who has theright to decide what foods are available to us? What kinds of farming are safe,healthy, just, and sustainable? What is a fair price to pay for food we canfeel good about? What is the government’s role in ensuring our food security?

That’swhy today is such a zeitgeist. It’s Food Day, a celebration of eating real anda call to action for Americans to scrutinize our food systems. Visit their website for Food Day events in yourcity, or find your own way to make today about healthy, sustainable food. Ifyou’re ready to really revolutionize the way your community eats, take a lookat Heifer’s Farmto Plate action idea.

Thismovement is in a position to change the way the US and the world think aboutand engage with food. As it gains momentum, we all have the opportunity todecide what kind of food world we want, and be part of the change that makes itso.


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