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As an iPad user, I'm very excited about our big announcement: the Heifer International gift catalog is now available on the iPad. The folks at Catalog Spree have graciously made us a part of their app that includes a number of well-known retail catalogs. Our catalog stands out among the others in the app because it's the only one that exclusively offers alternative gifts that support a nonprofit. In fact, this is the first in-app charity gift catalog for the iPad!

So this holiday season we're making giving that much easier, and donations are as simple as a swipe of your finger. Our new iPad catalog is also "green" because it uses no paper or ink, and no trucks are needed to deliver it. We call it The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World because of the potential for these simple gifts to enable life-changing transformations. 

Please watch the video below from our President and CEO to learn more about this exciting new way to support Heifer while making your holiday shopping fun and rewarding. To find the catalog, download the Catalog Spree app here or by searching for "Catalog Spree" in the Apple App Store. Of course, you can still shop our traditional online catalog from any computer. No matter how you choose to give, please know that we're grateful for your support.


Casey Neese