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Today is Blog Action Day 2011. It is also World Food Day. This year's theme for Blog Action Day is Food. Bloggers all over the world are writing about this one theme, from their own unique perspective. To find out more, visit the Blog Action Day website. Read more of our Blog Action Day posts on Heifer Blog here

The following post is by Tina Hall, communications director at Heifer International. 

I am a meat eater surrounded by vegetarians and vegans and even something called freegans that I learned about this week. Apparently freegans eat food that has been thrown into the garbage. This goes well beyond the 30-second rule and George Costanza eating an éclair plucked from a kitchen trash can: “No, no, no. It was not trash … It wasn’t down in. It was sort of on top.”
My burger love extends back to childhood with Happy Meals for good report cards and memories of holiday barbecues with my family. How can something so good be so bad?  The adult version of me has fought against a growing awareness of how those hamburgers I eat have an impact not only on our waistlines, but also the environment.
So imagine my happiness to find a restaurant called b.good on a recent trip to Boston. The owners Anthony and Jon explain on the company website, “We loved fast-food, but hated how it made us feel. So, we created a place where you can feel good about burgers and fries.” Their approach includes making all food themselves with the assistance of local farmers and growers.
Is it still meat? Yes, of course, but at least words like all-natural and local are involved in the conversation. And yes, it was a very good burger.
As we vote with our dollars in favor of locally or sustainably sourced meat (or at least not ground beef treated with ammonia), more and more restaurants are providing us with burgers not so far from home. Are there restaurants in your city or town serving local meats or other foods?


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