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Today is Cyber Monday and as online retailers vie for the attention of holiday shoppers, many experts are wondering what this will mean for the health of the economy. Will consumers buy now or sit this holiday season out, waiting until better economic times? But there are millions of people around the world for whom this is not a concern. They're worried about whether or not their children will succumb to malnutrition. 

Here at Heifer, we're working to change that picture. For the honest, hard-working people we help, every day is a struggle for survival, but they don't have to face it alone. Through your support, Heifer International provides the livestock and training they need to lift themselves out of poverty and hunger. And as you know, the need for this type of assistance is greater than ever. These families don't have the luxury of sitting this one out. They can't wait until better times.

Please watch the message below and consider giving today. If you can't donate now, you can still help by sharing this message with your networks on Twitter or Facebook, or by talking about this with your friends, coworkers and neighbors. Thanks for all you do.


Casey Neese