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A group of our volunteers from across the United States are visiting Heifer projects in Armenia this week. Our community volunteer coordinator Kate Merrill is chronicling this study tour on her blog, and some of my favorite stories and images from her trip depict smiling, hopeful children. As with any nation, Armenia's hope for a bright future lies in its young people.

Heifer Armenia knows this, and in recent years they've established a number of youth clubs that give rural youngsters training in such disciplines as agriculture, ecology, civics, journalism, healthy lifestyles, and business.You can read more about this program in one of our previous posts.

In the video below, two children from one of Heifer Armenia's youth clubs sing in Armenian for the study tour group. The youths sing a cappella — their only accompaniment is the clapping of the audience. They sound really good. 

Here's another video that shows the type of skills Heifer is teaching Armenian youth. Two children who received a calf as part of Heifer Armenia's YANOA project showcase their calves at a local fair.


Casey Neese