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Heifer International is fortunate to have a partnership with Elanco, and a number of people from their Swine Business Unit are visiting Heifer projects in Cameroon this week. The Elanco group chose Cameroon because Heifer has a number of pig-focused projects in the country. The giving of pigs means a food source that allows a village the opportunity to thrive through the continued benefit of sustainable agricultural practices. 

The group is keeping an online travelogue, and the following is an excerpt from the post they shared at the end of day two...
"As we approached nightfall, we arrived in Bamenda. During our group dinner we discussed the question of the day: “Why are we here?” As this group is a combination of Elanco employees, Heifer International staff (including three native Cameroonians) and Elanco customers, we had some differing but overall cohesive reasons for coming to Cameroon and participating on this study tour:
  1. We want to understand more about Heifer International, their work in Cameroon and how to get involved.
  2. We realize we are fortunate for everything that we have and what we are able to do as U.S. citizens. We want to exchange knowledge and show other people back home what is happening in the world and how we can play a greater role.
  3. Personally and professionally, this is a great way to grow and stretch ourselves. This is an opportunity for us to take this experience back to our friends, family, customers, students and peers back home to make it more personal to each of us.
"The question also posed to the group this evening was “What is one thing I want to learn or do before I leave Cameroon?” We will be making a list and holding each other accountable to do and discuss these things prior to heading home on May 31. If you are interested in seeing what this list looks like and learning about the next couples days we will spend in the Western Highlands of Cameroon exploring culture and agriculture, continue to join us on [our] blog…"


Casey Neese