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Farmers pedal away after delivering milk to the Kiboga West Livestock Cooperative chilling plant in Uganda.

Today on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation blog, Bill Gates makes a powerful statement: Smallholder farmers are the solution to the global hunger epidemic.

We agree wholeheartedly. Since its inception in 1944, Heifer International's mission has been to end hunger and poverty by working directly with smallholder farmers, providing gifts of livestock and training that improve nutrition and cultivate individual entrepreneurship.

But, why farming? Gates explains in his post...

"Many people don’t realize it, but most of the world’s poorest people are small farmers. They get their food and income farming small plots of land. These farming families often don’t have good seeds, equipment, reliable markets, or money to invest that helps them get the most out of their land. So they work hard, but they get no traction, and more often than not, they stay hungry and poor."

He goes on to state, "smart investments in farming families help them become more self sufficient." Heifer's model of sustainable development has proven this approach works.

This is a message the world needs to hear, and we need your help in sharing it. The Gates Foundation is issuing a challenge for you to create a compelling message - using your design, film making, or writing skills - that shows why investing in small farmers is good for the world, then submit your work for possible inclusion in the Gates Foundation website, blog or social media platforms. 

How would you share this message? Please share your ideas in the comments.


Casey Neese