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by Sandi Watson 
In 2010, Heifer Poland started a project designed to empower rural women. This project focuses on providing the women with training in the concepts and skills they need to start small businesses. Training topics for this project include:
  • Basic accounting, marketing, and computer skills
  • How to write a business plan
  • The legal aspects of running a business
  • How to market and sell regional products and handicrafts
  • Personal development and self-esteem
Along with the training, the fifty women participating in the project will go on educational field trips to see concrete examples of ways to earn additional income for their families. Project participants will also take part in two national exhibitions organized in large Polish cities to present, promote, and sell products.

Each of the 50 women participating in this comprehensive training program will pass on their knowledge through providing training to the members of the community where she lives. At the end of the project, a conference will be organized in southeastern Poland to share the best practices of the project.
This post originally appeared on our Boston-North volunteers blog. This spring, that blog is highlighting women who are transforming their lives thanks to your support of Heifer’s work. The source for this piece is the Heifer Poland web site.


Casey Neese