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Heifer project participants and community members pass on catfish fingerlings at a ceremony in the village of Pematang Cengal.
Our colleagues Afrina Sagala and Priska Panggabean wrote this story about a recent Passing on the Gift ceremony in North Sumatra, Indonesia

It was a sunny day in the village of Pematang Cengal and a happy day for the Tunas Jaya I Self Help Group (SHG). On that day the group of women had elected to join together in the fish raising enterprise. They share the labor to prepare fishponds with hope they will get additional income from this activity.

They were very enthusiastic; before, they only knew how to sow the fingerlings which they bought in the market. Previously they did not know how to prepare the land and did not know how to select and buy the fingerlings, make ponds, and manage the feed. They have high enthusiasm that this effort will succeed because they had training on how to cultivate catfish farming.

Those women also took their children and their husbands to witness the event, pray together, and wish success to the women who received the catfish fingerlings that will increase their family incomes.

Raising the catfish is one of the group’s activities. Others are plastic made flower design and building a daily needs store. The women groups are really excited with these group activities because before Heifer came to their village and implemented the program partnership, they never did useful and valuable activities. They can help their husbands with improved family income. And in two months they expect to have the fingerlings ready to sell.

Tunas Jaya I group is a remarkable group as well as other SHGs, because they are accompanied by extraordinary partners. Srikandi is one of the Heifer Indonesia’s project partners who committed to help the groups and community overcome hunger and poverty. The project partner has all women who have to travel 1 1/2 hour by motorbike just to reach this village.

The group is committed to help one another fulfill their dream of a brighter future for their families and the community. Ibu Farida (one of the group member) said that they wanted to thank Heifer's supporters from around the world who had showed that they care about the communities and the communities' children. Now, they have a new hope after Heifer worked there. They will take care of this program with all their heart and they promised they will do pass-on activities for the fingerlings and the goats they had received with happiness.

Afrina Sagala is a program officer for Heifer Indonesia and Priska Panggabean is
Regional Program Manager for North Sumatra.
Fish ponds in the village of Pematang Cengal 


Casey Neese