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Heifer International is observing International  Human Rights Day today with a message to all our supporters: be grateful. 

At this moment, you probably aren’t worrying that your property will be taken away, or that someone will intimidate or detain a family member. That's just as it should be! But there are many people in the world who don't have that same assurance. Their freedom and safety are threatened, and their health is endangered.

Heifer believes that every person has the right to sufficient food. Heifer also believes that every human being has the right to dignity and self-reliance. That’s why we work with marginalized communities like that of Mandira Bote.

Heifer’s Cornerstones, including Sharing and Caring, Genuine Need and Justice, and Full Participation, emphasize the need for humans to treat each other fairly and respect each other's worth.

The UN says that with events like the Arab Spring, it’s been “a year like no other for human rights.” Still, there’s still plenty of work to be done, and a long way to go before every person has the opportunity for a healthy, happy life.

Take a look here at some of the projects Heifer is undertaking to improve the prospects of various communities.


Kelly MacNeil