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Are you giving the gift of a sheep this holiday season?

Watch this video by Heifer Peru highlighting a Pass on the Gift ceremony of creole sheep. Every gift from Heifer continues on through our Pass on the Gift model, making our work truly sustainable. In Peru, and many other countries where we work, it is quite common for communities to continue this unique process of sharing resources long after Heifer's project work has ended (like 11 years longer). Heifer International Americas Area Program Vice President Oscar Castaneda put it well when he said, "Transformation is when Passing on the Gift is no longer a commitment, but a way of community living."


Brooke Edwards

Brooke Edwards is from Little Rock, Arkansas, and started working at Heifer International in 2009 as a writer. She and her husband raise two daughters in a house way too small for their four pets. They spend a lot of time sweeping.