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As a member of the Social Media Team at Heifer I have a fun task of reading tweets from our wonderful donors and supporters who help spread the word about our mission, especially during the holiday season. This holiday season, it's been extremely fun watching all of the actors and celebrities join in on the Heifer holiday spirit. (This could be because I'm a closet celebrity lover. I'm guilty of choosing the longest line at the supermarket just so I have time to read a gossip magazine ... or two.)

So far our list of celebrities who have tweeted us include: Patricia Heaton, Adrian Grenier, Ed Asner, Lauren Bush, Mia Farrow, Ashley Judd, Joe Mantegna, Eva Amurri, Janie Bryant and Serinda Swan. 

Each celebrity has picked their favorite Heifer gift for the holidays. Ashley Judd loves bees, Patricia Heaton has chosen sheep, and Adrian Grenier has trees at the top of his list.

Even though Ed Asner is pictured to the right with a goat, his animal of choice this year is water buffalo.

Celeb Tweets We Love:

Almost forgot! It's #CyberMonday, I’m giving sheep through@Heifer! One of many gift ideas I'll be tweeting!

Llamas rarely make it on top 10 gift lists--but they make mine!

It's #CyberMonday, I’m giving goats through


I love this!! End hunger this #BlackFriday and give the gift of hope from @Heifer

I’m skipping the #BlackFriday shopping this year – I’m giving through @Heifer instead:

I'm doing all my #BlackFriday shopping from home this year by giving through@Heifer - the gift that keeps on


Who needs #BlackFriday shopping lines? I’m giving pigs through @Heifer this holiday season!

It's been a lot of fun so far watching all the celebs share their support to our organization. I think I'm going to join Patricia this year with sheep. Which celebrity will you team up with?


Maegan Clark

Maegan Clark loves social media even more than Southern sweet tea. She is the Social Media Manager at Heifer International where she uses her skills digital marketing to improve the lives of those in need around the globe. Since working at Heifer, she has deepened her appreciation for the urgency with which we must end global hunger and poverty.