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Written by Michelle Izaguirre, Senior Director of Learning Centers
Heifer Ranch is slowly beginning to recover from the damages that occurred from the tornado that hit the Ranch on April 25, 2011.  As of now we have repaired the pavilion if front of the Visitor Center, the Heifer Hilton Lodge and the Nearside House, which is used to house residential volunteers. 
Heifer Hilton Before
Heifer Hilton After
The large amount of trees knocked down in the storm has mostly been removed, but there are still stumps and other debris that need to be removed from the pastures. Repairs to the lambing barn, and the roofs of the education building and conference center should be completed soon. The Dairy Barn was too damaged to be repaired and will be taken down.

Pavilion Before
Pavilion After

We are incredibly grateful to the service groups who have participated in the Alternative Break programs this summer, as they have been a major help in our efforts to clean up and rebuild. Our dedicated staff and volunteers continue to work on clean-up efforts while providing educational programing.
Lambing Barn Before
Lambing Barn After

Heifer Ranch is on a steady road to recovery, thanks in large part to everyone’s continued support. “Although the road to restoration seems like a lengthy one, every week brings about more progress”, said Ranch Director, Keisha Patterson. We will continue to update Heifer Staff and the public on the process at the Ranch.

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Maegan Clark

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