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I'm heading back home late late tonight, with a brain still full of things to write about my trip to Peru and Ecuador. But, as it's Friday, I thought I'd just do a handful of photos of the food I've had the opportunity to try while in South America. Although a PB&J sounds great right about now, it really has been a treat to have such diverse culinary experiences. The farmers and communities we visited were extremely welcoming; generous with both their time and their food. It's an element of travel I'll never forget.
In Peru
Coca tea, which helps you adjust to the altitude of the Andes.

Alpaca and potatoes.

Farm cheese and giant corn kernels.

Cuy (guinea pig) with potatoes.

In Ecuador

Milk bread and colada de sambo.


Organic strawberries.

Pambamesa (community food).

Pambamesa in a cabbage leaf.


Soup, squash and juice.

Pork, beets, vegetables and plantains.

Little banana.


Orange of sorts.

Another orange.

Brown sugar and banana puree.

Cebiche, rice with seafood and a banana-seafood-mashed-and-fried thing.


Brooke Edwards

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