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Photo and video by Geoff Oliver Bugbee

In the video above, Heifer Zambia Country Director James Kasongo walks through the stages of a Heifer project, using a diorama outside the main office in Lusaka to explain the changes that occur step by step as participants leave insecurity, hunger and poverty behind to become powerful, confident business owners who fully support themselves and their families.

Kasongo says Heifer Zambia cannot begin to meet the powerful demand from those in need throughout the country for its life-changing Pass on the Gift model. "Know that we are very ambitious in our fundraising efforts and are working to find partners so we can reach out to more and more in need," Kasongo said.

World Ark is traveling in Zambia this week to learn more about women's dairy cattle projects in the Copperbelt region. Many area residents, once dependent on mining employment, are finding that knowledge of agriculture and animal husbandry are key to their income and nutrition as the mines close and jobs become scarce.

Country Director James Kasongo at his Lusaka office.


Donna Stokes

Donna Stokes is the managing editor of World Ark magazine. She has worked for Heifer International since September 2008 when she leaped over to the nonprofit world from a two-decade career in newspaper journalism.