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by WorldLink staff

How can we help our kids avoid the temptation of addictive junk food? In this clip from the Nourish Video Encyclopedia, pediatrician Nadine Burke explains how our junk food habit has contributed to an epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

Nourish is a national educational initiative designed to open a meaningful conversation about food and sustainability. With a distinctly positive vision, Nourish celebrates both food and community. Learn more at

Dr. Nadine Burke: Wake Up! from Nourish Life on Vimeo.

Dr. Nadine Burke is the Medical Director of the Bayview Child Health Center, where she oversees the operations of the health center and provides care to children and youth living in the Bayview-Hunters Point Community of San Francisco. She is also the Medical Director of Pediatric Health Parity Programs at California Pacific Medical Center.

Stay tuned for more selections from the Nourish Video Encyclopedia, a collection of short films that explore the story of our food.

Be part of the food revolution. Nourish yourself. Nourish the world.

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Nourish is a program of WorldLink, a non-profit organization dedicated to education for sustainability. Heifer International is a sponsor of the Nourish initiative.


Maegan Clark

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