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NYT Magazine has a story about Plumpy’Nut, a high-calorie, peanut butter-like paste distributed after disasters, in this case, post-quake Haiti.

But not everybody loves Plumpy'Nut. We at World Ark spoke with nutritionist and real-food advocate Marion Nestle earlier this year. Here’s what she said about Plumpy’Nut, which she calls a technological solution instead of a social one:
“I think it’s completely unsustainable. It’s a 500-calorie peanut butter supplement in a foil pack. Studies have shown that if you give kids this treat they do much better than kids who don’t get it. Of course they would, it’s 500 calories. I think it’s a really bad idea. Somebody has to pay for them ... You gets kids thinking they’re supposed to eat food that comes in packages. It’s sweet, also not a good idea. ...”

Visit the World Ark online archives to read the entire interview.


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