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I’ll let Mark Graham (links to Graham's blog), a research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, do the talking. From his blog post earlier today on The Guardian’s Poverty Matters blog:
"East Africa is in the process of reinventing itself. The government of Rwanda has invested heavily in IT infrastructure to bring high speed internet connections to even the most remote parts of this small, resource-poor country. Kenya, similarly, has ambitious plans to become a highly wired nation and attract a share of the growing market in international business outsourcing."
But Graham doesn’t stop there. He goes on to pose the difficult and important questions about technology and developing countries:
"Will altered connectivity really allow firms in east Africa to become hubs in the global economy? Or will improved connections simply allow foreign firms to better exploit the demand in east Africa for IT services? Perhaps most importantly, who stands to benefit? And who will be left out of these transformations?"
Thoughts or insights?
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