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Dan Pallotta's Harvard Business Review blog posted this week turns conflict of interest on its head.

Pallotta, author of the book Uncharitable, writes regularly about how an emphasis created by watchdogs on keeping overhead costs low is often counter to the effectiveness of nonprofit work. In the blog, he ponders questions like "What if a nonprofit board feels pressure from the media and watchdog agencies to reduce overhead, but it knows that doing so will inhibit the organization's progress and ultimately undermine donor intent? Then the board of directors has a conflict of interest."

Few things get people on their ethical high horses faster than conflicts of interest, he says. So check out his arguments and see what you think.

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Donna Stokes

Donna Stokes is the managing editor of World Ark magazine. She has worked for Heifer International since September 2008 when she leaped over to the nonprofit world from a two-decade career in newspaper journalism.