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Steve Stirling, Heifer International executive vice president of Marketing and Resource Development, is traveling in Peru this week with Jim DeVries and Oscar Castaneda, Heifer’s executive vice president of International Programs and vice president of its America’s program. Following is a snapshot of their travels:

On day 1, June 19, we traveled from Little Rock to Lima, Peru. On day 2, June 20, we had the chance to meet with Heifer’s Peru country team to get an overview of the work in northern, southern and central Peru. We learned that the country program works with 43,000 families and then later traveled to Cousco, which sits 12,000 feet above seal level—nosebleed territory!

During day 3, we met with project partners who work in 92 communities helping 676 families and learned that 180 families had Passed on the Gift of alpacas, llamas, sheep and guinea pigs, multiplying the benefit and helping even more families.

Heifer is helping families build strong communities and a voice toward food sovereignty and self-reliance. Through Heifer’s values-based holistic model, good production gains are being realized in livestock and garden productions. Young people are forming groups and some see a hopeful future by staying within the communities to engage in small-scale farming instead of heading to the city to find work.

Heifer and its project partners are doing excellent work and are making a difference. Look for updates soon as we visit more projects.


Heifer International

Heifer International is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization working with communities to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth.